2019-2020 Team Contacts

Contact info for the Gold and Silver teams can be found at LISA website - LINK HERE
Question relating to any age group below please email -  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Under 18 GOLD Terry Dennett    
 Under 17 GOLD Nick Gilbert    
 Under 16 GOLD Jamie White / Andy Harward    
 Under 15 GOLD Rob Haslam / Brian Baca    
 Under 15 SILVER Norm Hooper     
 Under 15 SILVER  Franco Brushetta    
 Under 14 SILVER  Joao De Medeiros    
 Under 13 GOLD Angus Stewart / Istivan Sitar    
 Under 13 SILVER  Scott Ewing    
 Under 13 SILVER Todd Fitzsimmons    
 Under 13 SILVER  Patrick Robbins    

Home games for all JDF teams will be listed on the Game Schedules page

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