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JDF Technical Director's:

  • Gord Johnson, U9 thru U18 Boys and Girls
  • Mark Reeves, U9 thru U18 Boys and Girls
  • Mariel Solsberg, U7 and U8 Boys and Girls
  • Cuddy, U7 and U8 Boys and Girls
  • Dom Butcher, Timbits (U4 thru U6)

JDF Soccer Technical Committee

  • Gord Johnson - Technical Director
  • Mark Reeves - Technical Director
  • Kevin Allen - Youth Director U11 thru U18 Boys
  • Brian Corbett - Youth Director U11 thru U18 Girls
  • Kevin Smith - Adult Director
  • Angus Stewart - Player and Coach Development DIrector
  • Steve Clout - Mini's Director U7 thru U10 Boys and Girls

Please direct your questions to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Coaching Clinics

The JdF Soccer Association encourages all coaches to develop their coaching skills by registering for BC Soccer approved coaching clinics. Click Here for current list of offered courses.

Youth Intra-Club Permit

Any club team using a player from one of their lower division teams must ensure that the appropriate permit is completed and handed to the game official & a copy to opposing team before the start of the game. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action against that team and or the player involved. A player is only allowed to play three (3) games in a higher division. There are no intra-club permits allowed in any cup games.

Contact Kevin Allen This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Gord Johnson - for Permit Applications

A Coaches Creed

The Primary responsibility of a youth soccer coach is to help the young player to have fun, learn and improve.  This responsibility makes a youth coach different from any other official in the club, league or association. We (coaches) coach for the joy and success of the players - and no other reason.

Role of the Coach

A coach should help to improve the performance of the players (and the team) both physically and psychologically.  The position of coach is demanding and multi-faceted. Parent, teacher, counselor, disciplinarian, organizer...these are some of the duties demanded of the coach. When players sign-up with a club, they expect to receive something for their registration fee. They want to play and learn and they also want to do so in an enjoyable environment.

Shaping the lives of young people is a large responsibility, effected not only through what we teach, but also the way we teach. The "process" of learning is at least as important as the "product" In addition to what they Learn about soccer, children may learn to be better people. You may be overwhelmed by your influence, but you accept that influence when you assume the position of coach.

To develop players, you must have a sound knowledge of the game. This knowledge relates to skill, technique, tactics, fitness, and Laws of the Game. Coaches are, generally, knowledgeable about some of these aspects, but weak in others. Good coaches are always seeking new ideas to develop their knowledge of the game and players.  As coaches, we must try to find out what potential a player has so that we can develop that potential and make the player the best player he or she can be.

Coaches Dress Code

All coaches should be dressed in appropriate attire. Ie. Tracksuit, preferably club approved clothing. No jeans or ripped or untidy clothing. Remember you are representing your entire club.

Support JdF Soccer

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KidSport Victoria

kidsport 2016
JdF Soccer would like to thank KidSport for supporting 342 kids within our organization. 
For more information on
KidSport (click here)

Field Status

JDF Rec Center fields:
250 478-8384 press 7, 3

School Field or Artificial Turf Field Conditions 
Call after 8:00 A.M. on Sat & Sun
250 474-6334

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